Text Monitor Message Spy- Track your chrilden with android apps

Text Monitor Message Spy is a great application for Android version to keep your children safety and for any spouse. this application can track real time GPS , Text, SMS, MMS and so on. i am going to guide you how to install it and how does it works.

Text Monitor Message Spy

You have to install the APPS into target device from where you want to get text, sms, mms etc. its very easy to install SPYFILE and start to getting notification from their device. its very popular because the server does not store any data for your privacy. follow the guide below to start install it on your device.

Text Monitor Message

Text Monitor Message

  • Open the link below to find install button for your device.


  • Or you can simple visitor google play store and make search with Text Monitor Message Spy then install it.
  • Click the Install button on green color after the head line of apps name.
  • Select your privacy and allow the access of your device then confirm through button below.
  • Wait for downloading to your device. this may take only few moment depended on your network speed. file size are very small as 245 KB only.
  • Once the download is completed it will be installed automatically at your device.
  • Now open the apps from your home screen to enjoy the service.
  • This is free to download and it has paid subscription option for necessary purpose.

.The apps is working through reboots and convenient subscription monthly auto renew option to avoid the reinstall. application works automatically and remote system. the apps sever does not store any personal data. all are secured and confidential.

If you installed it on your device we can hope a good feedback from your end and want to know about the function updating tips. any change is required for user we will take the user notes and discuss without our developer.