The great hazarduari place in Murshidabad, Kolkata, IN

The greatest old kingdom of hazar duaray located at Murshidabad, Kolkata, IN. since 200 or more years people loving the ancient kingdom. todays there are no person living in the building. now indian government has taken the place as a tourism point.


HazarDuari place

Why Hazarduari?

There are one thousand door with fake & original associated with the building. as a result it called HazarDuari. The hazar mean one thousand and duari  mean door. in 1829-37 nawab nazim humayon jah was buildup the hazarduari. the building cost around 16.5 core or more then that. nazim humayon jah was took karnel dankan macliod as a designer and care taker for the job. It has 130 meter long and 61 meter width.  building was used for official works as also resident place of high ranking British commander.

Nawab Building instead hazarduari

Nawab Building instead hazarduari

beside the hazarduari another place where nawab family lived in. the both building are same place just south and north area where middle is a large filed. in the above large hall nawab family such as nawab sirajdoulla, alibardi kahan, mir kashim, mir jafar & such others nawab was lived in. they all was operated west bengal part by part. now the both building is being uses for displaying their memorial documents. more then thousand of people coming the place day by day.

Where exactly it located and how to reach?

From any country you can reach the place based on your visa quality. if you are located in out of india then search for tourist visa at your country. try to reach Kolkata then search the Train or Bus to reach Bharampur. if you want to go through train go it ShealDah rail station and find train for Bahrampur. after Bahrampur try to find bus for Chowk Bazaar. its 219 K.M far away from Kolkata main city. if you are going through another place without kolkata then try to go to following address.

Chowk Bazaar, Hazarduari, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742149, India.