Moumita.net is a leading internet marketing services with large numbers of clients across the world. We are working as a local team and offering varieties virtual product & service. We are offering various service related to website optimization including marketing, search engine optimization, website design based on our clients demand and also various product for your online transaction purpose.  We have built thousands of websites for introducing your commercial business around the globe. Through our business policy, we are serving most of client on time and on budget.

Who Are We?

We are a group of small team freelancer who are seeking money by doing your important & urgent work. Our team consist of the best programmer, designer, marketer and experienced content writer. Until now, our team is powerful expertise to cover projects within time and budget. Our work flow run over google support tips, tutorial, guideline and others pay per click services. With the level of service we offer, we are proud to say that you can entrust your project with us.


Associated network

To provide a high quality of work we always use the a high quality of business advertising including google adwords, MSN adcenter, facebook ads campagin, bidvertise, infolink, peerfly and few other networks. We always advertising our clients needs through those advertisement networks. Those high-cost advertising services always come with a high-quality results as well, which is what we always committed to provides to all of our clients. We are also getting help from youtube videos, w3school and others helpful resource related to programming projects. The combination of all these resource allows us to deliver the best service as expected by our clients.

Payment processing

We accept various payment methods like Bkash, debit card, internal bank transfer. By default, you can pay through credit card which is great for everyone. For few necessary purpose, we take other manual payments. Most of trusted client paid through western union or bank transfer to transact any large amount.

Location & business details

Moumita.net is a registered business at Bangladesh. our registration number PBN/FA 445 (Ma International). located  on the west hospital ground, Faridpur, Pabna 6650 BD. More details available in the contact page.