Quiz game enjoy with your free moment and increase knowledge

We always playing famous game on our phone. since google play and android device started with peoples we are doing it regularly. basically, race game, air plane, action game is most popular with us. however, my article contain a top level quiz game to increase important knowledge. it involved with children necessity. you might be interested for this type of game! its a quiz game based on your choice category.

Why quiz game? most famous today

Quiz game has various category to learn about world also history and music. you will be asked multiple question in each stage. there will be two answer where one is correct and one is incorrect. choice right multiple answer and win the game. you will have an option to share the experience with social media like facebook, twitter and so on.

quiz game

Nature of the games

There is a six category in to the game like Geography, Movies, History, Music, Science, Entertainment! subscriber would be present in those category in opening time. for an example i can say, if you open Geography you will be asked to select correct answer. you can choice any region like Europe so you will be present few questions to select correct answer. which one is Europe country and which is not.

quiz gameBased on Geography category i have took an screen shot. quiz game generally help children to learn extra knowledge. you can teach them to their world.

This article is not intended for earning money by us. the game is 100% free to all and ads free. spending your time without any restriction.

Specification is well too. quiz game only 3.7 MB size so you can install it fast. to increase children knowledge we are offering it free. also publication through website is only for education purpose.

The quiz game require 4.2 and up android version. the game has 3 or more content ratings. getting potential games for free is not possible always.

we would love to get installed by you and feedback us so we can make sure it success with you and your family. our well designed game has few professional category to play by all type of user. should have an idea to set any new things? don’t forgot to feedback us through game ratings.

would like to use the game click here to download and play on your phone.

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