Latest WordPress Premium Theme Free Download

In the previous post, I’ve already shared the three top live chat plugin that can be very useful and helpful for your WordPress website. Thanks to WordPress and its resourceful tool, nowadays, building an impressive website with a professional look is no longer a complex job to do. Everyone can do it, including you. You […]

Top 3 Live Chat Plugin For WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful content management system in the world. Almost 25% of all websites in the world are build using WordPress Platform. What makes WordPress so popular as a content management system? WordPress is so easy to use. Building a website from scratch will require you to master some web programming skill like […]

How To Increase Twitter Follower For Free

Since the internet era, our way to interact has changed. We no longer have to meet someone face to face or contact them one by one by phone to share some information. Nowadays, we have social media that can help us share information to everyone in our circle. With only one button, we can share […]

Woocommerce per page product display solution

It’s a nasty matter! I’ve been trying for more than a week to find out about how to display more than 12 product per page. I went through google search, forums, WordPress community, Woocommerce documentation and much more. But still, I couldn’t find a perfect solution on how to fix the issue. In the end, I […]

Payoneer private load is not working? Fix your problem today

So you have a payoneer card but it does not allow you receive private load? More than 80% card holder facing the same problem  but unfortunately, no solution has been made yet. We got many emails from serious users who really need a private load for their account. We have researched a lot of points and […]