Payoneer private load is not working? Fix your problem today

So you have a payoneer card but it does not allow you receive private load? More than 80% card holder facing the same problem  but unfortunately, no solution has been made yet. We got many emails from serious users who really need a private load for their account. We have researched a lot of points and […]

Payoneer Card Delivery Through DHL Express Shipping

Nowadays, Payoneer management offers an express card delivery through DHL international courier. You can always use their regular shipping service, but if you need to get the card soon, then you might want to consider the express shipping. It does not matter where you live, DHL express will reach you within 3-7 working days based […]

Mother Marry’s Tomb – Mother of Prophet Jesus (Isa) PBUH

Mary’s (Maryum) Tomb is a tomb located in the Kidron Valley, on the foothills of Mount of Olives, near the Church of All Nations and Gethsemane garden, originally just outside Jerusalem. It is known as the burial place of Mary, the mother of Jesus by most Eastern Christians (many of whom refer to her as […]

The history of cave of seven sleeper in jordan

The cave of seven sleepers  is located in the Amman of  Jordan city, about 7 kilometers north side away a village Al RAKIB also known as AL RAZIK. There are a few historical caves are available in this village. In the 1868 “clemore korno” visited a cave  the name of ARAKIN. He said this cave […]

The Dead Sea…! Located in Amman, Jordan.

You might have heard the dead sea based the story of prophet loot (lut), an Islamic prophet & and her purple. People never wind up the sea cost although it has few meter deep in water. Geographic expertise mentions the dead sea as the only bottom of the world. You can read more about the […]