Price: $225

Cashapp Account With BTC function & Direct Deposit

Cashapp account come with a virtual debit card and US bank account. you can use the bank to verify paypal and similar account. it also support send and receive money plus withdrawal to another bank.

Account Features

  • Fully verified by identity documents
  • Btc enabled, exchange your cashapp balance to btc at anytime.
  • Send money to others cashapp user also receive from others.
  • Withdraw to your bank from cashapp balance to bank.
  • Buy or sell btc by cashapp available balance.
  • Virtual debit card available in account.
  • One of personal US bank account available in wallet area.

Delivery Information

  • Cashapp login details
  • Phone access
  • Portable browser (optional, on availability)

Not included

  • Document scan copy
  • Selfie photo or similar documents