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Streaming on the way to AdSense! Get full package AdSense website with Crystal technology. get your website ready with Adsense & regular impression. Make sure you know about AdSense or click here to learn first.


AdSense Package Service

Moumita team helps with run your publishing business. The great service for Adsense package comes with the following advantage below.

Frequently Ask Questions

How long does it take to delivery?

It can take up to 7 days to delivery your website including at least 5 articles and design.

AdSense Ready Site

What about adsense?

Adsense account delivery time is 14-21 days as it depended on Google reviewing time. you will have full access on your approved account. it will be with your own payee name & address.

AdSense Ready Site

When will my free traffic starts?

We provide the traffic only when your website ready with an approved Adsense account.

AdSense Ready Site

I got disabled adsense, still eligible?

Yes, we can still get you approved an Adsense account again. to prevent further disabled we will set security checkpoint for that.

AdSense Ready Site

Is there any monthly charge?

No monthly charge, unless you want us to maintain your website with new articles and update.

AdSense Ready Site

I have another question!

Thank you, please look at here! if not found send a message to us.

AdSense Ready Site

AdSense Package features

Traffic Distribution

Service exclusion details

The following service/guarantee is not available for this package. we can just assure we will try to our best during the delivery & after support. you must agree with the rules before making an order.

  • One website per order.
  • 100% guarantee you will earn money but not sure how much. (we can’t guarantee).
  • No traffic bounce rate measurements.
  • Adsense PIN verification help is not available.
  • Certain support not available like traffic speed, page speed score, MOZ rank score etc.

Requirements from you

You must ready with following details to get started in 7 days from placing your order.

  • Your new domain.
  • Connected with a host server.
  • Installed WordPress (optional)

Additionally, you may be asked to change some settings on the website while we work on it. you can also share us access details to receive fast service.

AdSense Ready Site

Additional information

Product Type

Non Intangible, Virtual Assistance

Estimated Delivery

7-10 Working Days

Service Restriction

Accept only one website per order.


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