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Not receiving enough click on your affiliate banner, text ads and promotional ads? then this traffic is best for you.


Target Your Audience & Receive Click Traffic

Don’t receive enough clicks on your advertisement? this service can full fill your needs. we are serving direct click your ads using a white hat safe method in order to keep your safety. our traffic service helps you get clicks on your affiliate banner ads like hosting affiliate, domain affiliates, AdSense & all kind of related publisher ads.

Please note it, do not try click traffic unless you have sufficient regular traffic. we do not allow to use only click traffic without any regular visitor. if you place an order without following this guideline your order may be on hold until ordering a traffic package.

Make Instant Money Now Easy

  • Traffic is coming from worldwide or your chosen locations.
  • Quite AdSense safe but it risk for such a publisher program.
  • You can request a manual adjustment for traffic delivery speed. ex. 5 clicks per hour.
  • 100% unique IP address and one click per IP for the lifetime.
  • Accept only one URL per order & tracking will provide from
  • Your banner and text ads must be javascript enabled to receive direct clicks.
  • Traffic source is expired domain ads, search engine, low-cost pay per click ads, social media etc.
  • Click traffic count is different by the publisher to publisher. All clicks not counted by Google.
  • At the end, it’s 100%, real human.
  • Over speed, traffic request will be required an extra charge.
  • Traffic country is USA, UK, AU, CA, SP etc top-tier location.

Distribution Policy

We use our own technology and dispatch traffic to your URL. google and others company may not count all click as valid. the different platform uses different technology. we can’t guarantee how many clicks to be counted in your publisher account.

Click Traffic

12 reviews for Click Traffic

  1. voarsh (verified owner)

    I didn’t get immediately banned for using. Do not know if it’ll get banned on payout (21st)… I spent around $62 (£47.67). I got 27 valid clicks. Made £31.72. A loss of £15.95. I had ordered 100 clicks, 2,500 targeted traffic package. Moumita explained you need a really good CPC to make money. As someone who is starting out it is hard to know and write content that makes good CPC. They refunded me several clicks from the 100 because they only delivered 71, but of the 71 only 26 made it. At end of the month I’ll probably get reductions as well for invalid traffic. Not good ROI. Only invest if you have amazing CPC content. If more clicks got counted by Google I may have turned a profit…

    • Moumita

      Thank you! Your comments will make sense our new customer. You will not banned or reduction clicks later.

  2. MikkiWeb (verified owner)

    Very good service! I ordered 300 clicks and more than 60% google counted valid and the other was invalid but very good revenue, will keep using this service!

  3. entkalker (verified owner)

    Around the half of the clicks I couldnt see in the ad dashboard and the other half counted as invalid. So only 25 of 100 clicks made money.

  4. doulcegee (verified owner)

    It worked well for me. thanks

  5. doulcegee (verified owner)


  6. aghsoftech (verified owner)

    Excellent Service, Excellent Support and Very Good Traffic, Thanks you so much.

  7. thejaravi09 (verified owner)

    Super earnings with good CPC rates. Thank you so much for the Team. 🙂

  8. thejaravi09 (verified owner)

    Excellent results. From now i will order regularly.

  9. thejaravi09 (verified owner)

    Nice service i am very happy.Excellent 24/7 support they cleared every doubt i had regarding the order. 🙂

  10. Koyel Sarkar (verified owner)

    Thank you very much. great return so i will order again soon.

  11. Jinnath (verified owner)

    Excellent result! i have just ordered for 500 click traffic and earned a satisfied amount on adsense.
    Thanks moumita.

  12. Jeramy Hinfelaar (verified owner)

    Solid results from this traffic. Can recommend to others

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