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The best ever traffic for your online publisher program in GoDaddy cash parking ads. receive safe traffic for your park domain ads.



GoDaddy Cash Parking Traffic

Godaddy cash parking traffic is the best solution for your parked domain ads. we have designed the traffic and its technology with combination GoDaddy rules. the traffic has a bounce rate guarantee based on GoDaddy terms to keep active your ads account.

godaddy cash parking trafficTraffic quality & guideline

  • Traffic from tier one countries and all major country.
  • Random traffic from several advertising networks.
  • It’s coming with 100% unique IP address.
  • Every visitor only allowed to view your site for a single time in every month.
  • For your cash parking safety, we have used three stage IP filtering system.
  • We recommended using maximum 500-2500 traffic per day.
  • Content and domain targeted CPC based traffic.
  • Accurate traffic speed to keep good CTR.

What’s new?

We have added few great feature to earn more and keep more secure your cash parking business.

  • Country targeted traffic option.
  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Increase CTR to earn more than past.
  • Price updated a bit from previous.

Instruction to submit your order

Include your website address into checkout page “additional note” input box. your traffic starting time may be delayed due to website information nor submission. for good standing with your cash parking traffic keep accurate traffic flow in your site. this traffic is intended by Moumita self-team and no involvement with GoDaddy. Moumita is selling only related traffic for the various online program without any legal advice. see our terms for your specific answer.

Cash Parking Traffic

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