Keyword Research


Cannot make sure which keyword is best fit for advertisements? our dedicated expert freelancer ready to introduce you with best keywords.



Keyword Research Service

Looking for an expert to research your best keywords for business? moumita special freelancer team is available to do so. we are experienced at google adwords and others pay per click marketing. this service intend for our customer who has an eCommerce business and need advertising on adwords or others places.

Why need keyword research?

Question is hard but answer is simple. you need right keywords in order to run any advertisement campaigns. without proper keywords you will loss huge spending.

Keyword Research

Where to be used?

We research keywords exactly for your products and business. so you can use those keyword at anywhere to do some SEO or advertising at google adwords.

Keyword Research

What i will receive upon delivery?

You will get your ordered amount keywords upon delivery. the keywords can be taken as CSV file to import your adwords or any other advertising sites.

Keyword Research

Need help to adding those keywords?

That’s for your kind. moumita team would happy to add all keywords to your specific campaigns & ad group. however, you will need us provide your adwords customer id to give access our team.

Keyword Research

What information i need to submit upon ordering this service?

We require your website address or exact product name including URL of products.

Keyword Research

Where to submit my information?

Please submit your website address or product name at order note in checkout page. you can also send us via contact form or email to [email protected]

Keyword Research

Experience base for all kind of business. since last few years we are offer pay per click management service. although keywords research and other related service not available in our store we started to production it now.

  • We used premium keyword analyzer tools including google keyword planner.
  • The keywords research service available for all kind of business expect medicine.
  • Perfect for phrase match and board match ads.
  • Valid for all kind of text ads expect any display ads or HTML5.
  • Guaranteed for adwords policy maintenance.
  • No competitor analysis included in this service.

If you don’t have an adwords account to start advertise then keyword research service helpful only for search engine optimization.

we also offer google adwords account for an additional amount $200. for campaign setup $277 &  for monthly maintenance service we charge $115. please contact with us for any one.

Keyword Research

Additional information

Product Type

Virtual Assistance

Estimated Delivery

1-3 working days

Service Restriction

Max 500 keywords to be analyzed from your topic/website


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