Refund Policy

We cover the following refund policy for clients order. Please read before placing an order & take care all points before making business with us. we will not consider any request after placing an order without reading the full refund policy.

Please Read Carefully

Every transaction is final in any order. we never allow any refund through payment processor once it completed successfully.

  1. We issue a refund as Moumita account balance, not through the payment processor. even you make a transaction by mistake that will be applicable to purchase only a service. we are limited and restricted to refund a payment due to payment processor regulations of our banking partner.
  2. An undelivered order will be refunded automatically to your account balance. this may be following your request or if we do not receive any response from longer than (30 working days) expected.
  3. Processing charge, custom order fees, order management etc any fees are not refundable. for a refund subject, we will happy to cancel any active/running order and refund in your account fund for future purchase.
  4. Valid delivered products/service with tracking system will not be refunded. we strictly request you place an order based on your demand. there is no scope to refund for a successful delivery.
  5. Nonintangble service like SEO, Guideline documents, business plan etc that does not require any online/offline tracking proof is not refundable unless our sales team decided the case your favor. in such case, we will send your complaint to our sales team who deliver your order. if they decided the case in your favor we will issue a refund to your account fund.
  6. Before you request a refund make sure you have read the terms of our service. if your refund request is not going to follow our terms it cannot be posted to your account.
  7. Bonus, discount, credit from a 3rd party, sales team gift etc is not refundable. however, if such fund used on a order and the order is running, for now, can be canceled and refund the money again to your account for future purchase.
  8. Gift card, voucher code from a 3rd party is not involved with us. if you purchase such code/voucher please contact them to get refunded unless they provide you a valid coupon. all of our sales team provided coupon is free to apply.
  9. Our payment processing service is EasyPayWay and local bank transfer & western union. if you paid an invoice through offline payment method like the western union that is not refundable too. the fund will be refunded to your account balance is applicable.
  10. Chargeback & disputes fully prohibited. any chargeback creates without contacting us will be banned from Moumita for the lifetime. we may take an action by the law acts in Bangladesh and others consumer countries.

Please read carefully our terms & condition in order find your best answer.

Last update: 12 Feb 2018

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