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General Question & Answer

You can find your maximum questions answer before contacting us. please read all FAQs before sending a message. For any urgent help please contact our live support team. we are available 24/7 days via live chat.

My Account

How can i open an account?

Thanks for your interesting. to join our website click on “My Account” from above menu. use right-hand side form to join our website. you will need to submit the form and activate your account by clicking confirmation URL from your email.

I forget my password how to reset now?

Please visit my account and click on “Reset Password” Link. Enter your email address so you will receive the password recovery option. if you can’t for any system error or unknown reason please contact us via live chat.

How to change my account details?

To change your account details please log in first and click on your necessary link-

  • Address: To change your billing & shipping address click on “Addresses”.
  • Password: To change your password click on “Account Details”.
  • Email: To change your email click on “Account Details”.

Note: You may ask for repeat verification if you change your billing address.

My account is suspended! Why?

An account may be suspended for several reasons. especially, if you break any terms of service! please make sure your billing address is correct. also if you failed to provide proper verification documents and payment methods ownership proof- your account will be suspended.

Can i open more than one account?

No- we do not allow multiple accounts. if your one account suspended and open another one both will be suspended. for security reason, your IP address may be blocked in order to prevent viewing our website. Please contact us for any account related problem, we can help you fix any major problem.

My Orders

How to place an order?

Thank you! first, read our service terms then be agree with that. now follow the instruction below to place an order-

  • Click on “Product” page & find your necessary service.
  • Open the page by clicking product name or image and read details description.
  • Now (select quantity, amount etc if any) click “Add to cart” and view your cart.
  • The final amount is displaying at “shopping cart” page, now proceed to checkout.
  • Login your account (if existing) or enter your full information in order to open a new account.
  • Select payment method and accept terms then submit the order.
  • You will be redirected to payment interface, just enter your payment information and submit.
  • Done!

How long it will take to delivery my order?

Our normal delivery is 3-7 working days. please visit the page for our product where you were ordered us. click “Delivery Information” tab to see delivery time & others information. sometimes order delivery takes more than the estimated time. please read our terms & condition.

What are meaning of order status?

We have few common order status which is following-

  • On hold: If you placed the order right now and got on hold it means your payment is under bank verification. we will process it soon or update you.
  • Processing: We are just informed by the bank and your payment is cleared. we will authorize the order soon.
  • Awaiting: Your running order is on hold and we are waiting for your response.
  • Paused: You/We have paused your order for few common reasons. ex- lack of information, service restriction etc.
  • Authorized: It means your order is verified by admin and handover to the sales team who will start delivering soon.
  • In Progress: Your order is running/on the way.
  • Under Risk: Your payment is under risk or your account is suspended for payment verification etc. we already sent an email for further steps.
  • Dispute: You has disputed the order and we suspended your account. you are banned from moumita forever. you can regain access if the dispute is canceled.
  • Completed: Your requested service has delivered in full & we have marked the order as completed/delivered.

How to pause an order?

You can’t pause an order yourself. please contact us with your order number and specific reason to pause it. an order can be paused for 3 times and each interval is 7 days. if you break the rules your account will be suspended or order will be canceled.

Can i cancel a running order and get refunds?

Yes & No! Becuase you can request to cancel an active order but it requires admin approval. if the cancellation is approved we will refund your money by following our refund policy. To request cancel any order you must be verified, member.

Note: we do not allow any refund via payment processor. any transaction made by you is final even it mistake by you. we issue a refund as account fund which can be used for further purchase only.

Sales & Support

Can i make payment using paypal?

Yes! you can pay using PayPal for specific service. we do not allow pay using PayPal for all products. You will be the attempt to pay via credit/debit card by system default.

Can i place order manually?

Thanks for your interesting. you can still place an order by contacting us. if your requested service available in our range we will accept a manual order. send a message with your details requirements or contact to live support. manual order fee is $10 extra than all charges.

When will start my order?

If you already place an order and not started yet wait for our email update. we will send you every status of your order frequently. check your account and view order status by clicking “view order” button.

My order is on hold long time. why?

Your order may be on hold for the various reason. it may be bank processing issue, holiday & office closing, non-responding by you, payment not cleared etc for any purpose. you should contact us to know more details.

My question is not listed here! what to do?

Well, we have just answer few common questions. if your answer is not available here just use the form below. we will get back you in 24 hours.

Send Us A Message

We are available 24/7 hours. Do have any question about our service? You can always contact us using the form below. Please describe your issue as clear as possible so it will be easy to understand.

Payment & Verification

What are moumita trust level?

Moumita in business since 2004 through several platforms like freelancer, odesk etc. in 2011 we have started service through the website. you can entrust us with your all personal information and financial things are secure with higher SSL service.

Can i make deposit & withdrawal?

No Sorry! We allow only deposit for making your purchase with us. unfortunately, you cannot withdraw money from your account. our refund policy is not allowing any refund via payment processor. see more details.

What are verification procedure?

We ask for customer verification based (KYC= Know Your Customer) rules. It’s our right to provide service any customer after a minor verification. to verify your account we will ask for following documents.

  • Government-issued photo ID. ex: National ID card, Passport, Driving license etc any one of them.
  • Address verification documents. ex: Bank statements, utility bill etc one of them.
  • Payment Verification. ex: Card picture, credit card statement, transaction ID for local transfer.

Note: Document must be in English, Not expired, Name and address must match with your account, less than six months old.

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept credit card as a regular payment method. we accept following other payment methods-

  • Credit/Debit card
  • Neteller (rare use)
  • Western Union
  • Local bank transfer
  • Bkash, Rocket (Mobile Transfer) Bangladesh only.

Can i exchange money between others currency?

No, we do not exchange money with e-currency. few of our customer asked sometimes to pay us skrill or such & get paid by cash. we do not offer any service like money exchange.

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