Terms & Condition

Moumita.net offer following terms & condition in order to use our website. You must follow our terms & condition, privacy policy & refund policy. We advise you to read and understand this term and condition before using our website.

  • Spam Protection

You are liable to use our website fresh and clean without any spamming such as fake comment, fake message, fake contact support request, etc. If we detect you for any spam works, your IP address will be blocked to prevent future use of our website.

  • User Agreement

We provide various product and service. However, we do not guarantee whether or not you can use our service. We already mentioned about cookies & spam and other related fraud prevention. Thus, you are aware that your account or IP address might be blocked permanently should we found any violation to our rules. If this happened, we can block your account without any prior notice. We can change any rules, contents, price, and service quality without any notification to clients. However, your current order will not be affected for price updating. in some case your order may be “on hold” status for unwanted reason. most likely local bank processing hold payment or delayed for government rules. this matter involved only if you order us using local payment method such as bank transfer, bkash etc. you are agree to stay on hold until resolved any related issue.

  • Service & Delivery

You can see the service we provide in our product page. The delivery time for each service will be as stated on additional information tab in our product page. However, please expect up to 3 days delay for marketing based service. For example, Complex website programming. You agree to pay any service fees with payment processor charge, transaction-related fees, and government tax if applicable.

  • Payments & Account Funds

You must create an account using real information in order to make any payments or deposit money. In your account dashboard we have resize an option to fund money on your account. The account fund can be used for placing an order at anytime. However, we do not allow order any promotional service or on sale product using account fund. We do not store any credit card information in our website (see privacy policy). For each checkout time you are require to enter payment information separately. You are agree to submit all real information upon opening an account. For secueity reason we can ask for your identity proof such as photo id, address proof statements etc scan copy. account fund is non refundable via payment processor. Be aware those before you proceed.


  • Natural Activity

We can delay a service delivery for natural activities such as storm, cyclone, and other natural bad climates. For any reason, if we stop working cause a delivery delay, you will be notified in ordering progress or through website notification board. This may happen on government holiday. We are always closed at government holiday in Bangladesh.

  • Prohibited Activity

We do not exchange service for each of other services. For example, you made an order for Payza verification card, but after placing the order you ask to  get a Paypal verification card. We will not process this request, even if the amount of payment is the same. We want to emphasize one again that we do not allow any party to exchange money through our website, product & service.

  • Copyright Notice

All kind of copyright, contents and rights belong to us. You are not permitted to resell or distribute any service, products without our permission. We are a registered business in Bangladesh and all kind of copyright. you cannot modify, change, copy to paste any of our services to your website or any other place.

  • Fraud Prevention

We do not allow any payment reversed or chargeback. If you do so, your current service will not deliver and future purpose your IP address will be blocked in order to prevent fraud.  You agree to make payment through website payment button integrated under each service description. We do not allow manual payment through email address.

  • Customer Support

Moumita.net does not come with any third party. So you are not permitted to get service through any third party while your order is in progress. In some case, we followed our client order for a website programming and they still updating program code through another worker. We do not offer any customer support for another website, distributor, reseller or company.

Last update: 26-May-2015

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